Ukraine accuses Romania of breach of environmental obligations

According to a press release issued Tuesday by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Espoo Convention Implementation Committee will consider a request submitted by Ukraine against Romania with the object of an alleged violation of the Romanian environmental obligations regarding the construction of waterways inside the Danube Delta. The works of the Committe of Implementation of the Espoo Convention will take place in Geneva, 16-17 September 2009.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers that the Ukrainian authorities try to offset the image created by repeated negative reactions of international bodies relating to project development Bystroe. I recall that Ukraine lost to the Hague Court dispute with Romania on the delimitation of maritime shelf. At that time the authorities in Kiev have tried to minimize the impact of this decision. But it seems that frustrations remain. In addition, Ukraine is approaching presidential elections. “On these simple allegations, without real basis, the Romanian delegation will inform the Implementation Committee that Romania does not actually build any inland waterway in the Danube Delta and does not intend to implement a project such as'” specify the same release of the MFA.


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