Washington does not believe in tears …

I do not think that president Obama saw, even accidentally, those episodes in which tears of Mr. Traian Băsescu melt Romanian electorate. Those scenes in which Romanian President was trying to shape a political player as important and strong as human,  most likely will be cut at montage of history.

basescu-plangeBut even if Obama had seen all this, result had been the same. However, very concerned about the controversial reform of health insurance system of the Americans, confronted with attacks from increasingly noisily of Republicans and overwhelmed by the situation from increasingly bloody in Afghanistan, U.S. President not would understood very much. President Barack Obama not would understood what immeasurable sadness will produce in soul of Romanian leader his refusal to accept the visit to the White House. Well, a refusal packaged beautifully, with diplomacy, delivered by Ambassador of US in Bucharest, His Excellency Mark Gitenstein at his first meeting with romanian press.

Besides the fact that Obama may want to concentrate only on internal problems in this time, as stated by Ambassador Mark Gitenstein, is generally known that such a visit is prepared many months before. Traian Băsescu no has available this time. Until the presidential elections are just little over 2 months. And Washington’s refusal is not a good sign for the leader in Bucharest. More, is a clear signal that Washington denies everything reminds about the policy pursued by former President George Bush. bush-basescu-rompres1Including his political alliances and friendships. In substance, we remember that in April 2008 the former leader of the White House was photographed to the Black Sea (for twice in three days only) with President Basescu and President (current Prime Minister) Putin. And if Putin (whose popularity in Russia remains constant) is not on the list of Barack Obama’s favorites, what could hoped Traian Basescu (a president of increasingly repugnant to most Romanians) ?

Thus in Foreign Affaires plan, together with the short list of successes of policy pursued by Traian Basescu and presented as a electoral banner at the meeting with representatives of Romanian diplomacy, its mandate will count two resounding failures also: the Kremlin and the White House not wanted to take note of his abilities of important political regional leader. If Moscow does not believe in tears, the more it sees that Washington does not believe in tears … in electorale tears.
PS: Clearly, Traian Băsescu not receives only prove of his incapacity, but also a sign that kin relationship diplomacy is outside of the standards Western chancelleries. Regarding the Eastern chancelleries remains as said President Basescu: The Black Sea – Russian Lake ….


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