Voronin and paranoia of absolute morality

President of the Republic of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin, confirmed Wednesday ( September 2, 2009), that he resigned from office, reports Unimedia page online.

Even the servants of an exemplary loyalty can end badly, when no longer useful. But Voronin was far from being a loyal servant. So not surprised anyone that Moscow has understandably discreet that he no longer in favor of the High Court.  Also having a serious chance to become unnecessary in view of their own people, Voronin thought it was time to leave and be in solidarity with the Communists. Obviously, not without a bit victimized. And to be concerned about the fate of the country (or privileges lost??!) Such, Vladimir Voronin, whose “morality” cannot be questioned, said that: “I am not going to remain in a rather dubious and ambiguous position, exercising the powers of the Head of State. I do not have political or moral grounds to hold this position. Absolutely cannot accept the way on that they will now lead the country. And therefore, notice that the passing in Parliament as a simply deputy, because i want to be with the party “.

Thought good, comrade Voronin. Too bad it did not come sooner!


2 responses to “Voronin and paranoia of absolute morality

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  2. неужели? поразительно.

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