Diplomatic offensive for the Nabucco gas pipeline

Today, Romanian President Traian Băsescu participated at the annual meeting with representatives of the Romanian diplomacy. At meeting was also attended Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu.
TRAIAN BASESCU - CONFERINTA - COTROCENIWhile the last hundred meters of the Presidential office, President Basescu presented the Romanian diplomacy objectives achieved during his mandate. The Romanian head of state also presented that is foreign policy priorities. Thus, in Chapter accomplishments were mentioned objectives of the partnership with the United States and signed the agreement for Nabucco. On this last issue, Basescu reminded that Romania was the only country that has remained consistent to its options. And the reintroduction of Nabucco on the agenda of the European Union is due in most part intervention of Romanian diplomacy. In this context, President Traian Băsescu stated that there is gas for the Nabucco project in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and asked the Romanian diplomats strive to create the environment in which the consortium to full contract amount of gas. “I know that diplomatic life is beautiful in European capitals, but now we need a major diplomatic effort in Central Asia” he said.

  • Note: The diplomatic effort now demanded President Basescu has little chance to succeed remarkable achievements. Countries like Khazahstanul, Azerbaijan or Turkmenistan that the Romanian president wants them courted diplomatically, appear to have been already seduse by smile Putin-Medvedev tandem.

On the list of foreign policy objectives is also the Treaty of Lisbon, obtaining a warrant for European Commissioner for Agriculture. Romania will continue to work for to include Moldova in the Western Balkans package of a future EU enlargement.

In addition, President Traian Băsescu said that Romania wants a partnership with Russia based on respect for the interests of both parties. “There were some diplomatic incidents lately, but we do not consider specific Romanian-Russian relationship. We want a partnership on an equal footing with the Russian Federation. Not equal an economic force, or military force, not equal to influence, but our relations must be based on respect for both interests. We are ready to respect the interests of the Russian Federation, provided that ours should be respected. ” said Traian Băsescu. He characterized the current relationship with Russia as a ‘pragmatic, traditional’ and told the Romanian diplomats that is necessary to increase levels of trust between the two countries. Relations with China have been characterized as exceptionally good at the political level, as opposed to economic, where trade balance deficit exceeds 2 billion euros.

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  2. Спасибо за инфу!

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