Georgia turn off “the business” with CIS

The Roki Tunnel_South OssetiaToday, Georgia is to the final to leave the Commonwealth of Independent States. Georgia’s decision to leave CIS was taken by the georgian Parliament on 14 August 2008, and four days later the Foreign Ministry informed the Executive Council of the CIS about this decision. A period followed by 12 months for completion of the procedures stipulated by the CIS. It is the first time in the history of political organization, founded in 1992 with former Soviet republics Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, when use is made of this provision to the leave statute of community by a state.

According to officials in Tbilisi, the withdrawal is because: “in August 2008, a member country of the CIS – Russia has declared war to other countries of the CIS States, has occupied territories and it was recognized as independent entities. Meanwhile Georgian authorities expressed their intention to continue working bilaterally with the countries of the CIS, except Russia obviously.

3 responses to “Georgia turn off “the business” with CIS

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  3. Georgia must to maintain relations with CIS partners, is vital for economy … withdrawal from the CIS was a political gesture which brought him nothing, instead of a isolated more.

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