Elections in Moldova Republic and schizophrenic democracy

Anticipated elections in Moldova have started today at 7.00 with the opening of ballot boxes in those of the 1954 sections vote on the territory of Moldova. The electorate will nominate for the second time within four months, a new configuration of the Parliament. Turnout is expected to more than 2.6 million voters. Voting ends at 21.00 (Chisinau time), following immediately after that to be announced the first screenings of the exit-poll.
Voronin foto1The bid of anticipated legislative elections is, according to analysts, the report forces of the communists Party (who was for eight years in government), which argues for a strategic partnership with Russia, and the liberal opposition, willing to closer relations with the West. In the same time, it may be that relations with Romania – have come to a high level of tensions without unprecedented – have become a challenge to those elections that occur in any four months after the previous legislative elections has brought to Parliament a majority sufficient to elect president country.  On election day competition involved eight political formations of which five – six have chances to enter parliament. Meanwhile, from April 5 elections, the electoral threshold was changed from 6% to 5%. So things are presented in figures and official information.

Update: Exit-poll                                     Procents in 5 aprilie 2009

  • Communist Party: 41,7 %                      49,5 %
  • Liberal Party: 18 %                                     13,1 %
  • Democrat Liberal Party: 17,4%             12,4 %
  • Democrat Party: 11,5 %                             2,9 %
  • Aliance “Our Moldova”: 8 %                     9,7 %

It is the opposition in Chisinau able to drive a change of substance ?

According to these data, the Communist Party has obtained the most percent, but insufficient parliamentary seats (45) to elect the President of the Republic of Moldova.

Opposition parties have won elections and 56 seats (also insufficient – necessary 61). Depends on whether these formations leaders will know how to fructify results and escape Moldova to the apparent normality of a schizoide democratic regime of Vladimir Voronin.

It is the opposition in Chisinau able to drive a change of substance ? Personal, I have doubts. But about it later.


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