Michael Jackson’s music has returned…by King’s death

michael_jacksonHe influenced artists ranging from Justin Timberlake to Madonna, from rock to pop to R&B to even rap, across genres and groups that no other artist was able to unite. He changed music videos with “Thriller” in 1983, still considered by most to be the greatest music video ever made. Stars like Beyonce still mimic his moves. His one glove, white socks and glittery jackets made him a fashion trendsetter, making androgyny seem sexy and even safe. Selling more than 50 million albums worldwide to become the globe’s best-selling disc, it spawned seven Billboard top 10 hits, including two No. 1s with “Billie Jean” and “Beat It,” won an then-unprecedented eight Grammy awards, and numerous other awards. And not forget his humanitarian actions and messages.

Here’s truly important things we should remember in this moment …Planned return to the stage will not take place … obviously, there is already speculation on his death that shocked the whole world … stop here …

Millions of fans complain about it, tens of thousands of messages and posts on the net, thousands of people in the street as a sign of appreciation … the whole media world broadcasting his music… It says more than any controversy about…

The rest is …music !


5 responses to “Michael Jackson’s music has returned…by King’s death

  1. gw turut berduka cita, ya!

    (Admin: I translated from indonesian in english you message: condolence oh, yes ! )

  2. Rest in Peace, Michael ! We love you, forever !

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  4. Loved your latest post, by the way..

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