Ekaterinburg – the vector of economic performance of Russia’s relationship with Asia

Dialogue with Vadim Rudolfovici Dubicev – Deputy Head of Administration of Sverdlovsk region governor, director of the Department of Political Information governor

dubicev_vadim– Mr. Vadim Dubicev, very soon the city will host Ecaterinburg SCO Summit (Organization for Cooperation of Shanghai). How does the preparations?
– The estimation of preparation of city is conducted by a federal orga­nizing committee. Control is produced very hard and daily. Already the high estimation of motion of preparation is presently given to the summit. Eka­te­rin­burg prepares to arrival 7000 guests. It is a very serious amount of people,  who we want to offer the best conditions.

– SCO Summit is one of the most important meeting in the world. Tell us more details about the preparations made for receiving distinguished guests.
– It is known that without develop­ment of transport, business and infras­tructure, providing a deserving recep­tion for such high-level event is difficult. Therefore it was approached the most serious appearance to the problem of modernization of regional infrastructures, perfectly unders­tan­ding in Ekaterinburg that it is good reason for development of Sverdlovsk region in its entirely.

I should mention here the measures taken for the development of transport infrastructure. The governor of Sverdlovsk area, Edward Rossel, has given special attention to airport «Koltsovo» – which are an “air gate” of Middle Ural. It will be ready to accept all the basic types of planes to summit SCO. Opportunities of recently constructed modern terminals, and also new hotel complexes, including hotel at the airport, will allow to provide to the full requirements for life-support of passengers and visitors of city. Among the «road» themes it is necessary to tell about introduction in build the railway express train from airport «Koltsovo» up to railway station. The road «Koltsovo» – Ekaterinburg» is expanded – today, the fine modern autobun. A many of new hotels set to the work, the existing is modernized. For example, opportunities of new ultramodern hotel «Hyatt» allow not only to receive the high-ranking visitors of a various rank, but also to conduct any international conferences.

– Yekaterinburg is an important cultural center ….

V.D: – Yes, of course. We are ready in this issue, too. Cultural establishments, museums, theaters and other such institutions revised reconsider time of the work, create new programs and expositions. The visitors of Ekaterinburg can take advantage of special booklets for simplification of “navigation”.

– In general, hosting some events at a high-level requires serious efforts from local authorities. But at the same time provides an opportunity for increased visibility globally and regionally. Obviously, through accredited journalists. What can you say in this regard?

V.D: – The heads of area have approached to development of a telecommunication infrastructure as seriously, that for such huge country as Russia is very sensitive theme. The inhabitants and visitors of Ekaterinburg can feel an advantage of the newest kinds of connection to the full today.

Due to application of the newest technologies opportunities of all cellular operators have essentially increased: the cover zone communication, including the most remote areas of area has extended, the capacity of numbers has increased, quality of connection due to application of modern оptic-fiber connection has considerably improved. The participants of the summit, and 1100 journalists from the different countries of the world, can take advantage of a satellite communication. Moreover, to the media was arranged in hotel «Atrium Palas Hotel» the round-the-clock press centre equipped with everything necessary for this purpose. Naturally, to take advantage of the advanced equipment will give an opportunity and already mentioned hotel «Hyatt». I shall repeat, that in view of geography of Russia, the development of telecommunication is especially difficult, but a priority task for us.

– Yekaterinburg will be the vector of economic performance that Russia will use to develop relations with Asia?

V.D: – Before answering this question, I shall remind, that idea to transform city in “capital of cooperation” of the Asian direction belongs to governor E.Rossel. Sounded several years ago, it has firstly made impression of fantasies, of a dream very difficult to realize.  However in due course this idea has started to be realized at active support of president (actual premier) Vladimir Putin and Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov. Moreover, beyond the merit of lobbying the governor – life has forced to recollect it, and experience the depth of this idea. Already now we can evidently be convinced of its realness, the urgency to implement and, the main thing – in working capacity. Moscow and St. Petersburg, working on the “own” directions of foreign policy, everyone cannot capture and provide to the full on a background of active economic growth of the country all requirements of the external relation of Russia. Therefore is quite comprehensible to talk about « the third center », which to be the core and vector of performance of economic development of Russia to the Asian direction. This work has begun long before a decision-making on carrying out of the Summit SCO in Ekaterinburg, and will not make off at once.

– What are the prospects which arising from here?

V.D: – The prospects are truly remarkable. But an investments into economy of Sverdlovsk area are most desired directions now, in my opinion. Presently the internal market of Russia can not consume all products, producible the Sverdlovsk area – almost 50% workplaces of area created due to the presence of orders from abroad. Thus the countries SCO are significant consumers of production of the enterprises of area. Under such circumstances development of mutually advantageous economic relations with regions of the SCO countries is equivalent to development of economy of Ural on the whole. The maintenance of growth of the investment into region – is an indispensable condition of increase of competitiveness of our regional enterprises. Work in this direction gives a result already. As an example I shall present the agreement signed recently by governor E.Rossel and Bank of China acceding to Middle Ural of credit line on a 1 billion of euro.

It is impossible also to underestimate value of humanitarian sphere of cooperation – there where cultural, linguistic, personal communications – there are joint business develops successfully. And if we talking about linking between the economy and culture, I’m convinced that the existence of one without the other is impossible. Knowing the culture of another nation, a different mentality national system of values, leading to the development of good relations of partnership. And I think that friendship should be replenished with an intelligent and can be indicated in this plan than an economic activity with mutual benefits.

Another aspect is the development of diplomatic relations Sverdlovsk region – issue which Eduard Rossel give a colossal importance. At present in Yekaterinburg are open about 20 consulates of other countries, of which the first was the U.S.. Any consulate signifies a opportunity for the region in the way of development of bilateral economic relations with the country represented by the diplomatic department. Consulate is like a “window” that improves significantly the establishment of economic relations.

– President Dmitry Medvedev and Premier Vladimir Putin believes that the current context of global financial crisis, paradoxically, will help establish SCO position on the geopolitical scene of a world with multiple centers of power. Understand that SCO takes pole position of regional power on Asia-Pacific region?

V.D – A difficult question. I think, the answer still is searched by authors of this multinational organization. Specialists and experts who examine process of development, becoming of SCO, more precisely contours of the answer will be outlined. But, in my opinion, the global world obviously requires regional steady political-economical constructions ensuring that a viable power which would provide both durability to regional economy, and banal safety, the right to a life of people living in these territories. It is obvious, that the USA does not consult with the role of the global base of a design of safety taken on – all over the world, without exception. We like it or not, there are limits on the possibilities for any superpowers. SCO is a real example of such a regional sustainable construction.there are limits of opportunities at any superpowers. SCO is a fine example of such regional design.

– In the end, would ask you to list the principles of the SCO that you consider key of the vault of this regional organization…

V.D: – I would name two basic principles, which are in found of the mental and legal heritage of all countries of the SCO. First, recognition of the right to existence and their own destiny in the decision for any country in the world. Secondly, I mention the concept of euroasiatism, an idea close to Russian people mentality, but rather difficult to understand for those who are not in a position to live at the interference of two continents and cultures with perceptions as different.

interview conducted by Gabriela Ionita

Published in Cadran Politic Review, no. 68 / June 2009

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  3. You may have not intended to do so, but I think you have managed to express the state of mind that a lot of people are in. The sense of wanting to help, but not knowing how or where, is something a lot of us are going through.

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