Romania – Absenteeism protest

Euro-parliamentarians election

78% of the Romanian wanted to convey the political class in Bucharest that were tired of mediocrity and awkward.

election_europeanRomanians absence massive (78%) in the Euro-parliamentarians election. And me, too. But not because Romanians would be Europeans without civic spirit. On the contrary. Romanians have not gone to vote because they do not want to be represented in the European Parliament of all kinds of specimens that have nothing in common. Romania wanted to convey the political class in Bucharest that were tired of mediocrity and awkward. Only, instead of being worried about the signal received from the election, representatives of the Romanian political class continued polemic comedy of statements even on election day. Romanian politicians seem unable to understand that just these sterile confrontation of bad taste made 78% of the Romanian not to vote.

Without underrate the importance of Euro-parliamentarians elections or their role as an institution of democracy at European level, however, as in 2007, and now in 2009, their European stake is subordinate to a  internal political stakes. Euro-parliamentarians elections function as a test for political parties in Romania, who are preparing for in the fall confrontation of presidential election.

The presence of the voter turnout in EU held during the Euro-parliamentarians election (4-7 June 2009) in all 27 Member States was 43.01%, announced Sunday evening office of Press European. Procent of the presence to vote of the Member States of the Euro-parliamentarian elections compared to previous low for the EP, in 2004 the turnout was 45.47%.


3 responses to “Romania – Absenteeism protest

  1. Considering the far right seemed to have gained a bit . Remember the times when Nicolae Ceauşescu’s did not give peoples votes? Corruption is leaking through Romania like a ocean without a definite bottom , in democracy of course your entitled not to vote .. perhaps think about a strategic vote next time around , we now have another 5 years of neo-liberal economic policies that could have easily been diverted had a lot more people voted for left wing parties.
    This is of course nothing peculiar to Romania , many of the EU countries had very low voting turnouts.

  2. LeraJenkins

    It is simply excellent phrase…

  3. It absolutely not agree

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