Vladimir Putin is trying the quill to columnist

Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin wrote his first editorial for the capt.photo_1243517930547-1-0Russian press, reported the daily newspaper “The Independent” in the electronic edition.

In fact, Putin has previously tried his hand in journalism in western media. In 2006 he wrote an article for London’s daily The Financial Times, entitled “Europe has nothing to fear from Russia’s aspirations”.

Today edition of the “Russian Pioneer”, publish first editorial article of former Russian President, entitled “Why is it difficult to dismiss a man”. An article on divisions existing in the Kremlin when he was president of Russia (2000-2008).

Andrei Kolesnikov, editor of Russky Pioner and one of Russia’s most prominent journalists, said he wasn’t sure himself how he tempted Putin to pen the column.”I myself don’t know how I pulled this off, it was my idea as the editor-in-chief of this magazine, I believe that any editor-in-chief dreams of publishing such a columnist on his pages at least once in a lifetime” Kolesnikov said.

Those who know Russian can to read the original editorial here.


4 responses to “Vladimir Putin is trying the quill to columnist

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