V. Putin:”Russia will not send troops in Afghanistan”

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will visit within two days (11-12 may) Japan. Ahead of his visit to Tokyo, Putin gave an interview to Japan’s Kyodo Tsushin News Agency, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation NHK, and the newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun (The Nikkei).

interview_japan_pressAlthough it focused mainly on the agenda on visit to Japan, japanese journalists didn’t lose the opportunity of questioning the Russian Prime Minister also about other top issues in politics and global economy.

Referring to Russia’s involvement in resolving the conflict in Afghanistan (first problem  to concerns the North Atlantic Alliance) Russian Prime Minister reiterated that “Russia remain participants of those efforts to fight against extremism. We are willing to assist everyone who is working towards restoring normal life in Afghanistan. regrettably, the international forces have worked to small effect until now. Drug trafficking from Afghanistan has increased tenfold several, as well as heroin output. As you know, Russia has agreed on civilian cargo transits with several European countries, the United States and NATO. This is our practical contribution to the cause of normalising the situation in Afghanistan. Our secret services are providing relevant information to the coalition”.  But Russia will not  sending troops to support in Afghanistan. “The Russian public strongly objects even to putting the matter under consideration, and I agree with that position” has stated Vladimir Putin.

Also, Russian Prime Minister has not hesitated to show irritation on much discussed «reset» of Russian-American relations. “We do not talk about «resetting» our relations. It is that the U.S. Administration has proposed to ‹reset›  them. We agree with that and, of course, we would like to give a new positive impetus to Russian-US relations” he said, recalling that the récents NATO military exercises in Georgia, means a signal in a different direction. Instead, Putin avoids to pronounce about a solution to territorial dispute with Japan, considering that it is necessary that experts and foreign ministries to be given time to work on this issue.

Whole interview you can read here.


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