Week Monitor (4 – 10 mai 2009)

PRAGA: Summit about European energy dependence from Russian gas

Czech Presidency of the European Union will host to 7-8 May 2009 in Praga a Summit of European countries and from Central Asia, in an attempt to prepare the way for possible gas imports from this region, designed to reduce dependence Massive Europe Russia.

Discussions on European energy security are old and no concrete results have been too. But the EU has become increasingly concerned about energy security problem after a new episode of conflicting Kiev and Moscow, earlier this year. Note that because of this conflict, many European countries were left without gas for two weeks in full winter.Even though signing a long term agreement between Moscow and Kiev wanted to be a signal that Russia is a viable partner, European leaders understand that it is better still to find and alternative. The more so as between Russia and Ukraine there are many divergent views that imply tensions that can generate a potential conflict.

Summit in Prague devoted to “southern corridor” is intended to convince the leaders of Central Asia countries such as Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan to the EU is a serious customer for their gas. “In terms of these countries, EU discuss 15 years and has not given proof of seriousness,” said an official from the Czech presidency of the EU. “We try to convince people to come from the EU and with money, not just with words” said he, qouted by Reuters.

MOSCOWRussia – NATO – the end of the honeymoon

Russia will expel two Canadian diplomats in retaliation for NATO’s recent expulsion of two Russian envoys from the alliance’s headquarters in Brussels, the Canadian Embassy in Moscow said Wednesday.
The director of the NATO Information Office in Moscow, Isabelle Francois, and a colleague are to be expelled, said Nicholas Brousseau, a spokesman at the embassy, where both diplomats are attaches. If the reaction of Moscow is only a strictly classical rules of diplomacy, or there will be other track, we’ll see.
Noticed: In a week ago, NATO has ordered the expulsion of two Russian diplomats, in response to a spying scandal in which an official Estonian senior was imprisoned because he revealed secrets concerning Moscow security North Atlantic Alliance. In response, Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov said NATO’s decision to expel two Russian diplomats, is based on “financial pretexts” and a “crass challenge. Lavrov are right? Probably yes, partly. Since the NATO sources said the Financial Times that two Russian diplomats were never directly involved in the spying scandal. Moreover, the spokesperson of the NATO, James Appathurai, blunder and says that “no comment on intelligence matters.” That is exactly those words that should not be uttered by any spokesperson of a first class institution. Otherwise … nothing quarrel, and with transparency and consistency of communication – waiting ….

P.S. It is appropriate to mention that the resurgence of tensions beetwen Russia and NATO also occurs against the backdrop of military exercises that begin today in Georgia. Georgia expects 15 countries to take part in the exercises after official notification from Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Serbia that they would not take part.  Also was reports of the withdrawal of Armenia — which is dependent on Russia for its economic survival.


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