Swine flu: level 5

1240945677swinefludrugWHO has decided to raise to level 5 alert in case of swine flu. The decision comes following the confirmation of the existence of two outbreaks of infection in two different countries (Mexico and USA).

In a press conference held at WHO headquarters (Geneva), Dr Margaret Chan, the president of this organization stated that “we can not yet speak of a pandemic, but the possibility is imminent”.  The annoucement came as the number of people infected with swine flu increased rapidly across the world Wednesday, and health officials scrambled to get more information about the virus – which has no vaccine. But until now in treating the disease was used Tamiflu. What has made the existing stocks to be up fast (believe to joy pharmaceutical companies which manufacture !). Germany and Austria on Wednesday became the latest European countries to report swine flu. Also the number of cases increased in the United Kingdom and Spain.

Some countries, such as China and Russia, have banned pork imports from the United States and Mexico. Mention that the WHO said the disease is not transmitted through eating or preparing pig meat. Several other countries, such as Japan and Indonesia, are using thermographic devices to test the temperature of passengers arriving from Mexico.


2 responses to “Swine flu: level 5

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