Degradation of bilateral relations Romania – Republic of Moldova : next level

Manifestly hostile gestures of the Republic of Moldova to Romania continues. Mihnea Constantinescu, the Romanian ambassador proposed to Moldova, was rejected by authorities in Moldova, according to a communication of MAE  of Romania.

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs states precise in a press communication that today it has received a Note Verbal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova, which it calls by Romanian authorities to propose a person other than Mihnea Constantinescu for the post of ambassador to Chisinau.

According to Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, Andrei Stratan, (and in agreement with the diplomacy rules), “from Chisinau authorities do not want to explain this motion”.

In a short time, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will announce the measures it will take from this gest of the Moldovan authorities” shown in the same communication.

cristian-diaconescu-9UPDATE: 27 april 2009

Situation in Moldova Republic on agenda of reunion of  Council General Affairs and External Relation (CAGRE)

Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister, Cristian Diaconescu, preferred to answer indirectly authorities from Chisinau. Present in Luxembourg at the monthly meeting of the Council General Affairs and External Relations (CAGRE), showed that he will consistently support the European perspective of the Republic of Moldova. “At this time we question what the main directions of cooperation with Moldova, without making concessions to the principles and values,” added the Romanian head of diplomacy.

Mention that the situation in Moldova was one of the main topics of discussion on the external relations session meeting. The subject was placed on the agenda at the request of Romania, with the objective of defining the lines of European Union policy towards Moldova, in view of the recent internal political developments. In this context, the Romanian has shown “the need for the authorities in Chisinau to show political will and interest in normalizing the bilateral political dialogue with Romania, and concern for compliance with European standards and values”. Was also stressed that progress on the EU mandate to negotiate a new agreement between the EU and Moldova will be assessed in conjunction with the principles, standards and acquis european community. Also, Minister Cristian Diaconescu showed that there is out question that Romania to support the suspension of negotiations between Moldova and the European Union. “It would be a historic mistake to confuse the actions of the government in Chisinau with European aspirations normal citizens of Moldova” said the Romanian official.

However, in the external relations session, the European ministers had an exchange of views on economic and political situation in Ukraine, analyzing, including challenges and risks exist. It was discussed the assistance required to support the country’s political reform and ensuring internal stability of Ukraine.


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