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Solidarity of democracies during the crisis or how can to buried a revolution

I apologize to all readers who have repeatedly visited the blog in the last hours in search of new information on developments in Moldova. Given the serious allegations made to Romania in this context, we considered necessary more time for reflection. The more so as, if the scenario will not suffer major changes, in the following days will show the evidences  so-called incriminating about “Romania’s implication”. And any terms that not agreed Voronin regime could be added to these samples.

Weak reaction of the international community towards severe sideslips  of regime of Chisinău can be a clear sign that in times of crisis popular protests give chills to all of the consolidated democracies. Why ? Because it reminds them that the fund decreased standard of living could also faced with such events. So is it that young people protest in the Republic of Moldova intends to be resolved as quickly and in silence before they give  ideas to others.

Voronin (since returned to the status of policeman – because his mandate by the president expired – a status also important in a police state par excellence) tried to impose a perception that behind the demonstrations in Chisinau would learn certain circles in Romania who wish destabilize the Moldovan state. Along with this idea, taken up with glee by the Moscow press, the second wrong perception refers to a new “color” revolution in the ex-Soviet space. Both options are invalid and will explain why.

Aberrant allegations of former president of Moldova is the most direct evidence of the inability of his regime for to assimilate a way of thinking and  manifestation in the democratic spirit. Typical Soviet propaganda, for the situation are in Moldova, he blamed “outside enemy”. And Romania was the handy enemy. In addition, if we remember that Voronin issued in 2005 the same type of accusations. The enemy was then …Russia.

In fact, the only involvement of Romania in this case is due to thousands of Moldovan students which studying in Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj and other romanian university centers. All these young people had access to another type of thought, European, democratic. Also at another level of living (remember that Moldova is considered the poorest state in Europe). And is normal that they to wish that after completing theirs studies to return to a country aspiring to democracy and European values, not in a police state with serious human rights violations.

Or hundreds of arrests and interrogations of the protesters, the expulsion of foreign diplomats and journalists, the introduction of visas for Romanian citizens in breach of diplomatic agreements at European level, threats of expulsion for university and college students who dare to leave the streets and to seek the right to life better, however Voronin’s regime offers the chance to reach the top of human rights violations. Moreover, “товарищ” Voronin is going to outstrip the teachers in this chapter. But, it is not always successful auspicious !

No are dealing with a revolution “colored” , orange or other pastel colors that giving nightmares to the Kremlin. Whether for simple fact that poverty is  closed only the spectrum of gray to black future! Leaders in Moscow cannot have noticed that revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia have enjoyed significant support from media of America. What has not happened and now – CNN, the main tribune media for express opinions of the White House, has maintained a complete silence on the events from Chisinau.  That means  a  sign that the administration Obama does not want to tense  again the relations with Russia, just “restart” at G 20 Summit. Why has shown foreign minister Sergey Lavrov to call “outside enemy”? It means to Romania and western intelligence services ? Because – запишы (to notice) – in the same spectrum that is gray to black see the future everything  than the 50,000 people which will sent in unemployment by the National Company of Railways in Russia – which is added a few hundred thousand are already in this situation. And that would be dangerous if they understend that the system built by Prime Minister Putin – otherwise impeccable and functional on paper – has proved a failure in practice.

There are many to say this about the correct would be rising opposition to power in Moldova, where the funk with which they reacted to the  front of  Voronin’s authorities and have betrayed the hopes of thousands of young people, in fact the future generations of Moldova. The fact is that I do not know that any leader of the opposition to be arrested at this time. Talked to the arrest in Odessa of Gabriel Stati businessman and the request for extradition adressed to Ukraine on the grounds that demonstrations from Chisinau would be funded by Stati. And it was all about opposition. But not is the past time !   With evasive statements of USA, a European Community  comprehension, and the open support from Russia (unfortunatelly, Medvedev missed  with  successful to demonstrate that he have European leader skills, since the site Moldovan presidency occurred his congratulations for Voronin !) the anti – democratic measures  of a regime willing to do anything for to maintain on power  to continue.

At this moments, exist people in rural regions of Moldova  which don’t know about the anti-communist protests in capital. Public TV not covering the protest. Internet down in Moldova. For today was announced a new big protest. Without  genuine leaderships and the support of the international community, youngs of Moldova Republic must to rely only on themselves. On one specific impetus and courage of youth. But is that enough…?

UPDATE: 10 April, 11.30 a.m.

It disturbs the waters in Tbilisi. Also in this case the West shut up, now. America is busy negotiating with Somali pirates. And Europe with follows   earthquake in Italy.  Clearly… not is a propitious time for popular protests.