Spring in Chisinau – where?

Candles Revolution

Twitter Revolution

Moldova is now part of a scenario known Romanian behind two decades. A peaceful demonstration of young Moldovan students degenerated into a mass revolt, with vandalism and violence. Protesters occupied the Parliament building and the Presidency. And destroyed all that they fell in their hands. Moreover, the Parliament building was much hours on fire. parlament_chisinauForces of order seemed overshadowed by the situation. Also President Voronin, whose speech was unsafe and lacking its usual arrogance. Even he given the impression of a person who tries to evade the reality of The Great National Assembly. Initial requests for invalidation of the election was turned into “Down Communism” and “Down Voronin”. And the building of President  has been put the European Union flag. And for this scenario to be complete, Voronin accused the opposition of “organizing violent demonstrations, which were planned long before and paid the money”, ie exactly means, “collaboration with foreign special agency that try destabilize the state “- allowed me qouted by defunct Ceauşescu. And appeared The Save National Committee, as composite as that of Romania’s in ’89.

Hence, scenario seems to differ. Probably because we are not dealing with a genuine communist regime, but rather with a harsh authoritarian regime based on corruption and satisfy their own interests, as communist ideology devoid of its original contents and used only a front for to cover numerous deviations from the canons of democracy. Thus, the authorities have agreed, after meeting with opposition leaders to move to recounted  the votes. Incomprehensible mistake of the opposition in Chisinau, which had to seek the invalidation of the election. Time required by the Commission for recounted election (10 days) will dilute the impact of events. That is exactly what the need Voronin for to reorganize and rechange the options. I will not comment pathetic picture of the opposition in Moldova and the haste with which they disclaim to young people in street protests. In fact, about the quality people of opposition can says a lot. But should take into account their legitimacy if they get power because to those young people.

However, days of the communist regime in Moldova appear to be numbered, no doubt. About call discussion with President Voronin, (made public by the Kremlin) Medvedev’s request  generated major questions about the support that it enjoys the Moldovan president to Moscow. The fact is that the calling Moscow to resolve the immediate situation of the peaceful and  stoping of violence coicide with the same request from the U.S. Department of State. But I would not rush to conclude (as I have already seen on some sites) that America has left Moldova on hand Russians.

A nation on the verge of despair  by a corrupt and still stuck in the past Soviet struggle brought for his release. But it depends how will to do this. Peaceful or violent. Scenario still remains open.

Conform moldavian sources, the protest will continue today.

P.S.: Demonstation of young people from Kishinev started as a viral message on the Internet. That stated on April 6 Day of National Mourning, and young people were called to light a candle in the Great Square of Chisinau. The call came from thousands of users in Moldova and Romania.
While the world watched with attention the events in Moldova, and the programs of TV news from abroad had dozens of breaking news on the subject, national television of Moldova presented entertainment programs for children. Such Life revolution has moved again on Internet, even if online communications were made with great weight.

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