Popular uprising in Chisinau – Moldova Republic

PROTEST ANTICOMUNIST - CHISINAUWhen most analysts believed already clear situation in Moldova, things seem to change miraculously. Winning elections proclaimed by the Communist Party, and the spectrum of another four years under the rule of Vladimir Voronin regim has unleashed a peaceful demonstration degenerated later in a revolt of proportions. Yesterday was a start made timid by young Moldovan who declare to-day “national mourning”. Continued protests yesterday saw an unexpected development for the authorities from Chisinau. A simple demonstration initiated by the Liberal Democratic Party has turned into a protest by the proportions in which over ten thousand young people protest in Chisinau because consider what election fraud and demand their annulment.

According to news agencies Unimed, manifestanţii gathered in The Great National Assembly, and in front of the building Parliament and the Presidency; they slogan ask the  departure from power of the system Voronin and cancellation of election results on Sunday. Forces of order have intervened with water cannons and tear gas. Manifest and confrontations between the forces of order have resulted in violence, wounded and dead (hopefully that number will not grow in the coming hours). The guard of the Presidency was handed over and the building was occupied by protesters. It appears that the same thing happened to the building.

President Vladimir Voronin appeared on national television with a speech which showed that it is far to perceive the reality of the street. He accused the opposition of “organizing an action against the state legal order, paid from the outside”, without other clarifications. But, in the same time, sources in Moldova have confirmed that President Voronin has convened a meeting of negotiations with opposition leaders.

Russia’s position appears to be a copy of speech of president Voronin. Thus, “Russia is “concerned” by the violence “provoked” in Moldova, “said  Grigory Karasin, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, today afternoon, quoted by Interfax agency.


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