G 20 – a decisive step towards the new world order?

Headquarters of the world has moved for two days in London. The meeting G 20 Summit brought together leading industrial powers, such as the US, Japan and Germany, and also emerging market countries such as China, India, Argentina, Brazil and others – representing 85% of the world economy.

As was predictable, especially in acuteness of crisis, the  meeting of biggest leaders of world  for a new discussion related to the global economic crisis has already attracted numerous critical comments and even violent demonstrations. It follows the first G20 meeting of heads of government which took place last November in Washington.

obama_brownIn a London paralyzed of protesters, President Obama started today with a meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown. At 08.03 hrs, President Obama and his wife were arrived in Downing Street for an early breakfast with Gordon Brown. Also, President Obama will have a separate meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao. They are likely to discuss the global economy and a possible North Korean missile launch. And no more less important, President Obama hopes to reverse a serious slide in relations with Moscow  today when he meets Russian President Dmitri Medvedev for the first time.

About Agenda G 20, and what is likely to happen, what it hopes to accomplish –  back later.

Update: The objective of the London Summit is to bring the world’s biggest economies together to help restore global economic growth through enhanced international coordination. To achieve this requires three commitments by world leaders:

Update.2. Statement by President Barack Obama and President Dmitri Medvedev after the bilateral meeting

2 responses to “G 20 – a decisive step towards the new world order?

  1. New World Order? Isnt that exactly what Hitler wanted? Isnt this exactly what Obama wants? Didnt GWH Bush say thos esame words long ago? Didnt I haear Bill Clinton say the same? It is very obvious to me that the liberal Dems most certainly want a new world order. Everyone get ready to tell the government what size brown uniform you will need to wear.

  2. This is more about power than anything else. We are loosing our sovereignty, our Constitution and our way of life in he name of World Order. Do you want the corrupt officials at the U.N. dictating your laws? It is plain and simple. We have a great Constitution and should abide by it and not let the world tell us how what to do.

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