Vitas – “Voice of the century” between skill of authentic art and mistikitsch vocation

Chronic of spectator

untitled-24Concert supported by Vitas in Bucharest generated a real avalanche of comments for or against russian artist called the “Voice of the century”. How can I find in neither of the both and generally I refrain from issuing judgments under the sway of emotions, I preferred to wait to tell my opinion. Unfortunately, some, quite numerous, of those who have opted for the concert at the Palace’ Hall, have reconsidered the true value the old adage: “at the praised tree does not go with the bag”. The first concert of a World Tour “Sleepless Nights” in over 50 countries, proved to be below expectations romanian public, even so really confused and devoid of genuine landmarks how is he now. Or maybe just for that reason. Instead of a top concert (and the famous artist had such concerts in many time), a concert worth as a European capital, Bucharest has received a cockteil weird flavored mistikitsch and many failures of organization. Although we should have to feel proud its presence in the concert of maestro Gheorghe Zamfir, in fact things were exact conversely, when performance of the two artists did not exceed the state of improvisation. I will not dwell on the concept of this type of show. Although questionable, in civilized conditions and without inserts and mystical – spiritual call, can be an elegant variety show. In fact, it obsolete has its charm and in many cases the new trend in art was based on that. Fact confirmed by the success with which the producer Sergey Pudovkin has managed to impose a such concept in the show-biz industry, in Russia and Asia.And that could no doubt to take to the public in Europe or America. Obviously with the performance conditions: organizers and promoting top. I mean at those aspects that have really left to be desired in Bucharest. Pudovkin association with Imperial Moldrom (company that, beyond the intention – otherwise admirable – to show the romanians to “Voice of the century”, and obviously hoping to gain a degree, certainly demonstrated that it has nothing to do with industry show – non inspired location, decor – a improvisation of fair, terrible technic sound), and partnership with Channel TVR 2, whose ratings fall somewhere between the minimum and zero seem totally devoid of logic. But not  if Vitas is only a “machine to made of money”. It is right, an extremely effective. And which or is very obedient – unlikely, or has very strong nerves. That was seen in the unsuitable conditions in that he performanced at Bucharest concert. Only the artist, no matter how remarkable it was, could not replace the lack of public respect from the organizers. Vitas tried as he may be professional to give everything he can give at this time. Certainly he is talented, and I refer here not only to the five octave. Just he play, yet, immature (deliberately or not) with a precious and divine gift. And do it with a stoicism worthy of a more noble cause. However, in its part, either he will cease to be just a commercial product packaged brilliant, and then will be unique and resplendent in the lights of the Royal Opera House or at the Scala in Milan, or will be an exceptional vocation missed, unnecessarily sacrifice on the consumerism altar of pop culture. This can be only  his own, however much it is assumed that due to its producer.
Well, it is possible that the producer Pudovkin to prepare a change of concept with the anniversary of 10 years since the launch of the artist. We hope to be a good one.
In what it concerns the romanian organizers, no explanation can compensate for lack of professionalism that they demonstrated. To enjoy healthy and pick up the money, and if is possible, without new recurrent attempts in art.

Published in Top Business Weeklypaper, nr. 757/19-25 march 2009

4 responses to “Vitas – “Voice of the century” between skill of authentic art and mistikitsch vocation

  1. Those, who say that Vitas is not good, should listen to this:

    It was first experience of Vitas in Romania and in my opinion, Romanian organizers should blame only themselves for bad organization of the concert of real talent which Vitas is.

  2. Natalie, I respect you opinion. You are right ! My critics was in principal about romanian organizers. But I think that should be good if somebody verified their quality before…Is a long, very long discussion here about…Thanks a lot for you comment. Also for you clip.
    (I update all material on blog, because I observed that newspaper server is troublesome).

  3. vitas the best singer of the world ! millions fans love him !
    “the artist could not replace the lack of public respect from the organizers”….true !

  4. Ummm…is this a fan from some other country? I have a hard time following your broken grammar

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