President Basescu passes Prime Minister Putin’s challenge to the EU’s arms

President Basescu: “Romania will opt for South Stream, if Nabucco project fail”

The Romanian president, Traian Băsescu made some clarifications of telephone calls with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in a recent live appearances on national television.

President Basescu reiterated that does not want to disclose those discussions. He noted that Romania is likely to be involved in South Stream project if Nabucco project will fail.

Even though seemingly occurrent, declaration Romanian head of state takes place against the background work Nabucco Summit held in Budapest these days. “Romania is a European country and it assume the obligations in the EU and promises made” said president Traian Basescu. But suggests that Romania has a backup option: South Stream. Moreover, President Basescu reminiscent transit security problem. Recognizing indirect that he admitted guilt Ukraine, in  discussion with Prime Minister Putin. (The information was made public by the press department of the Russian Government. From the presidency of Romania there was only a confirmation that was discussed with Prime Minister Putin. Without further revelations. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demanded explanations, but the problem seems to have been resolved through diplomatic informally).


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