Brand Vladimir Putin and rating’ traps…

Бренд Владимир Путин и ловушки рейтинг …

photolenta_big_photo23Without any doubt, Vladimir Putin is a brand. And brands make high ratings. A good proof is my blog’s last 2 days new readers invasion – over 300. It’s a lot for a journalist’s personal blog who writes about politics, not fashionable high life.
In different circumstances, I would have thanked Prime Minister Putin for this.

But now, I can’t do it, Vladimir Vladimirovici. By (rightfully or not) mocking Traian Basescu, you insulted a whole country and its people. Unfortunately, we’re talking about my country (incidentally or not).
The greatness of important people comes from something else than making the little ones feel miserable. And Prime Minister Putin is aware of that. But, considering the delusional nowadays, those things that turn big people into great ones don’t count in terms of TV ratings. And this is how we get to the main keyword – rating – again.


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