В.В.Путин: Запишите.

photolenta_big_photo“L. Jurea (National Television of Romania): You know that we get Russian gas through some middleman firms. Bucharest wants to get gas direct from Russia. How realistic is that? That is my first question. And the second question. Is the option of hooking up Romania to the Southern Stream project under consideration?

Vladimir Putin: We are not against Romania taking part in the Southern Stream. Secondly, and this is what you started with, the middleman companies in the Romanian market. The Romanian President has raised this issue during our conversation. We are ready to switch to direct relations with state companies. By the way, we are ready to do the same with Ukraine, we are ready to sign a contract directly with Naftogaz of Ukraine. I will tell you something that may surprise you: I got the impression that we are being prevented from doing it because the terms that have been set – $250 per 1000 cubic meters – were rejected by Naftogaz of Ukraine. Immediately, mediators came along who said: “We will sign and settle everything”. This gives me grounds for saying that the situation in Ukraine is too corrupt. But I have a counterproposal to Romania which is hard to refuse. Please convey to your President that we can sell the equivalent of Ukraine’s annual consumption to your government company and you can then sell it on to Ukraine. Is it a deal?

L. Jurea: I will convey it to the President.

Vladimir Putin: Jot it down.”

This is the excerpt from the press conference of Prime Minister Putin that put on “grill” (unnecessary !) mass-media in Romania. And other east-european country, too. But with a considerable gain for PR Russian Prime Minister. I will explain.

Obviously, missing theatrical taste it set above lines uttered by Vladimir Putin, in its native language.

“Putin put Romania on the map of gas,” Proposal of Prime Minister Putin shock “and so on… “What he wanted to tell Putin?” – It was concern Romanian journalists more than 24 hours. Plus some hours in the cold waiting  at Cotroceni Palace a view of President Basescu. What ( great! I hope to take more than three days … and I hope to be understood exactly what it had to understand) was obtained.

I am convinced that all those who watched President and, now, Premier Putin during his press conferences and are familiar with his style, immediately understood that the way was only a trick of the image that will enhance the popularity. In fact, it is known that this gas crisis has brought a substantial gain for russian premier in the battle media. And an increase in popularity among the Russian population. And if there was a subtle signal, beyond irony (not subtle, and video images show clearly that) to the President of Romania, this signal target someone else. More, the context of this proposal, analised  in the dynamic discourse  elimine alleged “generosity” of Russians. But Romanian journalists seem to suffer from chronic disease to swallow everything they offer press agencies.

In addition, Vladimir Putin with who wants to do business? Perhaps you have noticed, but Russian Prime Minister, while referring to the two lines at the Romanian president, said not name. What does not happen when he talking about Frau Merkel and Sarkozy friend. Magnify least, I think that Iurea Liviu would be said Traian Băsescu name, we could assist, with the same studied irony, at utterance (reloaded!) of the famous phrase: “Who is B….?”.  Only the name would have been different.

UPDATE: Prime Minister Emil Boc said the proposal made by Vladimir Putin is a result of the discussion (40 – 45 minutes) onto it with the Romanian president, Traian Băsescu.
Emil Boc’s statement appears to confirm the idea of “Chess” in which Vladimir Putin is giving authorities in Bucharest to force a reaction. Mention that the discussion that took place immediately after the crisis triggered Russia – Ukraine on gas. The existence of this discussion to hear from Moscow, and all of the Vladimir Putin.
The fact that Vladimir Putin has decided to communicate its decisions through the media can be considered an irony to the authorities in Bucharest, but also a signal to Russia’s partners in South Stream project. Especially for Bulgaria, a country with which Russia is currently disagreement on the transit of the future pipelines.
As long as the leadership of Romania rather wanted to go unnoticed discussion with Russian Prime Minister, it can be assumed that any conditions imposed on Romania to take gas without intermediaries were not just acceptable.

4 responses to “В.В.Путин: Запишите.

  1. Алексей Говоров

    Можно прокомментировать на туркменском?

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  3. Путин-позор Росии.
    Пора поддержать демократию.


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