The legacy of Patriarch Aleksei II

For nearly two decades, the figure Patriarch Aleksey II has been intrinsic part of what usually called Russia after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. It was pole support for reinvigorating the Russian Church, a dynamic presence in the life of social, cultural and even political life of Russia. Was a prominent image as church that a pastor, like the time before and after His Happiness was difficult to conceive. Maybe that is why news of his death seemed at first reading (and not just me) slightly improbable.
aleksei-iiWith little while ago, was in Germany in a case brought by missionaries. Moreover, yesterday participated at Holy Liturgy together with the Holy Father Nicholas of metropolitan Metropolitanate’s Mesoghie (Greece), who is visiting Moscow. So on assumption ad to get God initiated quickly a number of speculation in the press (about a possible accident auto or an older heart disease). How fast have reappeared on various sites miscellaneous charges or controversial insinuations that planed in time of the Patriarch Aleksei II. And proving once again that we have become deprived of the basic and traditional good sense which tells us that “about deads, speak only good.”
Perhaps more important than the details of his death are at this time follow arising out of here. Patriarch Aleksey II was a conservative, a fierce supporter of the old dogmata of the Church. In a time in which all religions and related institutions around all the world have noticeably improved relations with the Vatican (especially during Pope John Paul II), the Russian Church continued under his directness to a certain neutrality, it could say, even a swirl freezing when Patriarch Aleksei II accused the Catholic Church of proselytizing in the territory of Russia. No relations with the Romanian Orthodox Church were not exactly happy. Patriarch of Russia, Aleksei II, has qualified the actions of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church on the Metropolis of Bessarabia as “anticanonice”, “interference in the territory of an Orthodox church autocephalous”, as described at the time in a communique of the presidency Republic of Moldova. In fact it is known that the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Daniel was never well relations with Patriarch of Moscow, probably due to his vision of reforming and modernizing the church in accordance with the requirements of the new millennium.
What will change with the arrival of a new Patriarch in Moscow in relations with sister churches? Moreover, as well-known Russian church has its share of Kremlin policy support (to remember that Patriarch Aleksei II, would his friend Vladimir Putin, said the enthronement of President Medvedev that tandemul Putin-Medvedev is a blessing Russia) both in extensive territories of the Russian Federation and abroad.
Will change something in optical Russian Church on its policies even at her home? Patriarch Aleksey II has brought back the leadership of the church along with the country after 70 years of atheism, has witnessed at her conservation as a whole. But even if the number of churches has increased noticeably in the Russian Federation, not the same thing happened with the faithful, a sign that his conservative policies were not really accommodate the Russians row.
About favorite candidates for the position of Patriarch of Russia, and Metropolitan Kiril, “foreign minister” of the Patriarchate, and Klement, Metropolitan of Kaluga and Borovsk is yet know quite a few. In addition, the Russian Church Synod will have 6 months to elect a new Patriarch.

P.S. An extensive analysis of this topic will be published in the Cadran Political Almanac 2009.


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