Breath of thaw in relations NATO – Russia

Meeting of foreign ministers of NATO countries that took place yesterday and today in Brussels had as main agenda items of business: the adoption of a common viewpoint on the granting or not a MAP of the two accession countries – Georgia and Ukraine, and resumption relations with Moscow, the frozen before conflict in Georgia.nato_hq
(We recall that the Summit in Bucharest in April, leaders of 26 member countries have rejected granting MAP to the two former Soviet republics, considered premature by Germany, France and other six countries. The main reason invoked when (the correct ) was that Georgia and Ukraine are still far from achieving democratic and military criteria to join. Unofficially, but easily predictable, these countries wanted to emphasize Russia’s irritation, hostile to NATO enlargement to its borders. NATO decided in April to MAP revisit the issue at its meeting of foreign ministers in December. Meanwhile, the conflict took place in Georgia that has boosted reserves on the accession of the two ex-Soviet countries.)
Decisions of the meeting were somewhat prefigurate statements by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, at the end of the last week, which draws attention to the military activities of Russia, but said he does not oppose the resumption of talks and programs of the NATO-Russia Council as relates Reuters. Also, Rice admitted that the USA will respect the promise of support for Georgia and Ukraine for membership at a time, but did provide a clue time.
NATO is ready to resume meetings of the NATO-Russia Council in informal
After two days of meeting in Brussels, NATO through voice of Jaap de Hoop Scheffer announced that he wants to unlock relations with Russia, and to deepen those with Georgia and Ukraine. Also, according, head of the North Atlantic Alliance has recognized that Russia is a “key – player in the world”, therefore, how and the need to interact with it in many areas where interests coincide, in particularly with regard to Afghanistan. This was considered by Dmitri Rogozin, Russia’s ambassador to NATO as a victory, as that Rogozin, recognized for his bellicose comments, made no bones about not to attack again on Condoleezza Rice, claiming that all its machinations were unsuccessful, and praising “pragmatism” foreign ministers of NATO which it perceives as a sign that Europe begins to have its own political identity.
“Let’s let us know better” – (if I had to paraphrase a familiar video advertising) – that was the compromise solution regarding the accession of Georgia and Ukraine to NATO. But something about that later.


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