Parliamentary elections in 2008 – a game without stakes for electorat

Exit-Poll CCSB:

PSD (Social Democrat Party) – PC (Conservator Party)   36,5%

PD – L  (Democrat Liberal Party)      30.6%

PNL     (Liberal Party)      20.4%

UDMR        7.3%

After a chaotic campaign that rather managed to demobilize the electorate, a sign that parliamentary elections were caught unprepared parties for the new standard required by uninominal vot, (campaign that I was immune to a comment in order not to offend (forgive my lack of modesty) dowry intelligence with me have given my parents,) the outcome of elections (with participation in the vote below 45%) showed clearly that Romanians do not believe in the promised reform of the political class.

Sign that Romania is far from having a mature political class and responsible attitude was the reaction of principalls leaders of political parties after finding the exit – poll sites, an attitude of victory (more specifically, defeated the nerve to explain how that actually are winners).

If it was something to gain collateral, surely this is failure of President Basescu to impose PD-L in voter preference and to government Romania through a presidential party – the model of ex-Soviet countries. Which party should have to level his way for a second term, in presidential elections next year; the possibility that Traian Basescu to record a resounding failure in the presidential race is increasingly predictable, as the current configuration of the Romanian political scene. Currently, President Basescu has made a choice: either ignore popular vote and lead their party in government (in an alliance with PNL and possibly UDMR), that move would satisfy the circle of interest tied PD-L, but will and bring more enmity from the electorate, or accept a government the PSD – PC aliance, that to attack constantly (as  proceeded with the government PNL), especially under conditions of economic crisis is increasingly acute, in the hope that it will able to recover the lost popularity.

Certainly the Romanian electorate has endorsed only the first part of the electoral slogan: “They with them, we with your.” Romanians understood that the fight in these elections was the politicians, with them and between them, and that it had no connection, beyond populist promises, with real problems of Romania.


One response to “Parliamentary elections in 2008 – a game without stakes for electorat

  1. Ингвар Ъ

    The elections in your country reminded ours of the ninetieth years. Then in television debate liberal Nemtsov has offended to opponent Zhirinovsky. Zhirinovsky has splashed water to Nemtsov’s face. Zhirinovsky is the odious person, but to offend anybody it is impossible. Since then I against such “liberals”. Such “saviors” of Russia are not necessary.

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