Cuba – in Big Oil League ?

Куба – в Большой Нефть лиги?

With about 2 weeks ago, titled The Guardian that the new estimates of oil reserves discovered in the area of the Gulf of Mexico from Cuba would put it a major player in the top of market profile. More specifically, it is about 20 billion barrels of oil, that is twice the initial estimates. If these estimates are confirmed, Cuba reserves will be one part with the USA, and in the first 20 of the world.

According to the same publications, exploiting new resources could begin next year by the Cuban state company Cubanpetroleo or, in short, Cupet.
Today, Cuba have a production of 60,000 barrels of oil daily, which provides almost half of the necessary, the rest being imported from Venezuela, but the payment is done in barter system.

putin_secin_roqueMost importantly, reported in this context it seems to me that, while America is still euphoric after the outcome of the elections, and experts do not seem too sure of the estimates presented by those from The Guardian, Russia again moved decisively and quickly expand their businesses via Latin America.

Thus, after Raúl Castro’s visit to Moscow, Prime Minister Putin recently sent Deputy Prime Igor Secin in Havana (for the second time in last months). That Vice-Premier and close person of Vladimir Putin did not come back empty-handed from talks with the Cuban authorities is demonstrated by the fact that today Russian Prime Minister met in Moscow with Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque. As specified by the new blog of Prime Minister Putin, the two have talked about increasing trade and economic cooperation more serious. At the meeting attended (see photo) and Igor Secin, recently appointed prime minister and served as chief of the Government Commission on the Development of Electric Power.

(ps: the chances that Russia will accept the use of a naval base, provided by Hugo Chávez, and after Russian- Venezolana military exercises on the end of this month, increased visibly after the new status of Cuba in Big Oil League; in addition, Russia seems to agree a great friendship with Venezuela (another serious holder of oil reserves) and Cuba, so that we can expect in the future in an “alliance” similar to OPEC (the organization that Russia too has not managed to agree). Moreover, Russian Prime Minister said recently that Russia must take a more active role in setting oil prices worldwide.


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