Is America ready for learn from its first black president ?

Barack Obama won the competition from recliner’s the White House. The first black president in U.S. history has staked on “Hope and change” and succeeded.

Obama 2008

  • America is euphoric, jubilate Africa, Western Europe is satisfied (with sincerity fact acknowledged by the foreign minister of France, Bernard Koushner, as well as its German counterpart).
    Only President Medvedev in the Federal Assembly of Russia has understood that the success of Democrat senator is not likely, at least at this time, to change optical Russians against America.
  • I do not doubt the good intentions of President Obama, but that beyond expressing their shows top media – and that contributed to the final choice, they will know and as a concretization. Barack Obama will not change America alone. This is necessary for the entire political system, along with the entire nation. And already famous phrase about the surrender of America to give free lessons to learn anything, involves primarily a change of mentality. Either my hard to believe in such a change.
    I think it’s “cool” and gives a good image of the president color, with a family model, the typical American, living on their own American Dream. But is America ready (the real America for that the American Dream is a new nightmare of proportions) accept to receive lessons from its first black president? President Bush sent his successor takes that “is about to begin the biggest journey of his life” (whatever formula it seems to me not the happiest, but it’s irrelevant in this context). I think America as a nation is still at such a beginning. And a trip in two presumed trust, mutual support and a certain sincronicitate. We’ll see after Jan. 20 are trained as Obama and America for this trip in two.


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