Впервые в истории Америка выбрала темнокожего президента

Obama triumphs. He will be first black US president

Кандидат демократов сенатор Барак Обама победил на президентских выборах в США, став первым в истории страны темнокожим гражданином, выигравшим президентскую гонку. Сенатор Джон Маккейн признал поражение на президентских выборах в США и поздравил Обаму с победой — РИА Новости.

America has chosen change. B. Obama is the new president-elect of America. For Americans, Obama is a mix between J.F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. And Americans seem expectations at this point too high. On how big is euphoria at the moment, so the big disappointment will be if the young president of the USA will not be sufficiently empowered to implement even a partial election promises. Either this will depend on a majority of his team. And how well he know how to speculate Democratic majority Congress.
Profound crisis of the financial system and economic U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, crisis in the health system, which are envisaged to be possible protests and join the race, are just some of the issues on which Barack Obama will have to focus in his first 100 days of his mandate.
“Hope and change!”
To what extent America, and, worldwide, will be part of a change for the better fulfillment and hope we will see. And this will start to be visible (at least in theory), against the backdrop of negative images of America at the international level, only ten days, in the Summit G 20.


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