M.Saakashvili: Я просто хотел Бонд (или Путин ?!)

In an interview given last week from the NY Times, Mikhail Saakashvili demonstrates again how funny can be backstage policy world with a character as he. Here’s an excerpt and link to the interview can successfully treat “depression” of a late autumn dayQuestions for Mikhail Saakashvili
An American Friend

Published: October 17, 2008saaka_bush“- Have the Russians made any attempts on your life?
– President Medvedev has called me “a political corpse” publicly several times. Putin told several Western leaders, “I want Saakashvili’s head.” If they want my head, for me it’s more funny than troubling.

Are you connected to the C.I.A.?
– No. I told President Bush two years ago that I am sick and tired of trying to convince Putin that I am not a C.I.A. officer. I said: “Mr. President, can you tell him I am a C.I.A. officer? Maybe he will take me more seriously.”



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