Nothing to lose, everything to redistribute

House of Representatives in Congress said “step” plan Bush / Paulson, while in the background, Washington Mutual (confront with the backdrop of massive withdrawals and falling action) was taken over by the state and quickly resold bank JP Morgan Stanley amount to modest 1.9 billion dollars. How bank purchases may be growing, there are some questions … And this is: before they attend a reform of the financial system, witnessing an interesting “redeployment” of financial power.

While the plan saving American is cosmetise for meeting with members of the Senate, with increases every minute and anger the Americans, after they found out how much save the financial system, put logs on the excesses and slyness’ bankers on Wall Street. Especially that pests excess of “creativity” was possible and because nobody asked for health, politics being ultradependent money bankers. With fear comes anger. Because now located, and with the americans know we, too the true dimension of parallel financial system that virtually has no rules of procedure and that is totally non-transparent, sometimes even to the initiate.

Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York, has recognized that each job on Wall Street lost its second match loss of other services. Statistics for September is depressing: half a million people were left without jobs.

Faced with a serious decrease in popularity, charismatic Sarkozy has decided (well) that the most appropriate is to tell the French the truth about the seriousness of financial cancer that begins to unfold and Europe. We are talking about Bradford & Bingley, Fortis, Hipo Real Estate, Dexia, part nationalized
, part receiving infusions as such capital from other banks (in some cases not specify which, of course that will shape the financial elite “redeployment“).

Proof that almost everyone pays the chaos of U.S. sistem financial is the loss incurred by Russia – 40 billion dollars, according to RIA NOVOSTI. And is just beginning.

A friend in Germany tells me that in a short calculation, a 20-30 thousand Germans remained fleece. How? Easy. Explain journalists from DieWelt. More specifically, peoples went with little savings to secure German banks such as Die Sparkasse, Dresdner Bank, DAB Bank, DZ Bank and Citibank, where some employees intelligent (or maybe just interested) they say: We, the bank X, we offer for sale of U.S. bank certificates of “Lehman Brothers, Bank of American tradition, the American economy strong, reliable earnings, blah, blah, blah. And the simple German, confident in the advice of “competent” of the bank, has said he rarely so lucky and bought those securities (or “derivatives” as they say in the language specialist). Only that, as well as we know, that American Bank “Lehman Brothers” (serious, tradition, etc) lame duck. They say that in Germany were sold almost 400,000 of such certificates yielding of “guaranteed win”, and that about 20 to 30 thousands of investors lost everything. May will find many such news.

 For now, the sun vanished in America. Figuratively. And to proper. U.S. Senate began debate on the vote account for bailout plan. Now, frankly, I have a question: What is the connection between the Hebrew New Year and the Senators decision to move the debate after sunset out of respect for the holiday mentioned? America have become a major Hebrew? or related to bankers on Wall Street? Decide yourself.


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