At new times, new friends…

If recognition by Moscow independence South Osetie  and Abhaziei, Americans have decided to respond infantile, threatening to recognize the independence of several counties and municipalities and “ships aid with a calibre appropriate, for tried Georgian population, nor the Russians not remain in debt. So they go where they have been. That is in those areas where Bush ‘s loved as cholera. I ask now is not Cuba (although it seems and there are walking some advisers to Prime Minister Putin’s) but Venezuela’s friend. Non-s missiles, are bombardiere TU-160. However everything I try a sense of deja vu.

Americans move Kosovo in Pakistan and support India’s nuclear program. Foolishness and arrogance that haven’t limits on this planet, is proven a new starlet to American policy, Sarah Palin. What would war in the White House kitchen with the Russians. Competed successfully (I take blame for some of my readers) by Dmitri Medvedev. That between two meetings peace with Sarkozy would war with NATO !

Adding two things faine. First interesting about the new alliance and Russia – Syria. This is to see that the Russians have with whom. Then they find quick and with what. The question remains: where? Question with several variations of response.


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