Slight with Russia on the scale of history …

Плавный с Россией по шкале истории …

As it was easy to predict, the extraordinary meeting of the European Council has not made radical decisions on relations with Russia. Analysts policy guidelines and various colors were rushed to take statements European leaders and glorify unit unanimous views of the community.
In fact, aclamat
ion unity of opinion and decision it was apparent to postpone discussion of a new EU-Russia partnership (which should begin on 15 September) until the completion agreementului six points agreed between Medvedev and Sarkozi. That is a decision that can least irritates Russia, but not likely to affect the private relations of major actors European and Moscow. Well if there’s nobody in a position to see and affected business with Russia, it was logical to be all agree … and I do not see where the great achievement and great success of the meeting.
Furthermore, by the fact that Europe was considered unanimously that Russia’s response was disproportionate, shows a red card Georgia. Explicit,
european leaders consider than Georgia has generated a situation that led to the response, it is disproportionate and Russia, but the timing logical facts. Further, Georgia receives aid (which would have received in any given situation).
By the way, speaking of the peace treaty mediated by Sarkozi to be achieved by the Russians: is that the same about famous analists said that it is not clear and that seem to exist differences between the document signed between Tbilisi and Moscow signed? And that has clauses that have never been made public? And if things stand as not somehow is right when Medvedev said that Russia and met his understanding?


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