Miss Alaska in course to White House

Interested persons concerning the career, as brief – so successful, of some politicians (inside rather presidents of states, parliaments or governments), now have a new reason around which to focus the attention. And also an opportunity wise meditation on how to access the high-level policy.

Have you heard of Wasilla? No? Recognise nor have I. About Alaska, however, sure you heard. That’s huge and frozen territory that the Russians (that they had any surplus space) have sold the Americans. Wasilla is in Alaska and is a small town about 6000 people. That is, at the village level of a bigger, where have all the chances to get nose to nose in the bear (without to give a hint !) In the morning higher. Not with high-ranking politicians. Well, well, there comes his partner John McCain for take up vicepresident of the United States. Sarah Palin was mayor of this town. Obviously, Ms. Palin has many good qualities that will attracte voters. But especially has a quality that one love ” smart guys ” of cartel’s of energy: She agree with extending drilling in protected areas of Alaska (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge).

From which may conclude that,
she rising to the logic seems things?


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