V. Putin:“Georgia delivered a strike on its own territorial integrity”

V. Putin: “ 

Военную агрессию Тбилиси он назвал смертельным ударом по территориальной целостности самой Грузии”/“Georgia had committed a crime against its own people and delivered a strike on its own territorial integrity”One of my acquintances from Moscow exprimed yesterday morning she’s worried from Russian’s involved in new conflict. Evidently, in this confruntation beetwen georgian armed forces and separatistes oseti, Russia cannot to be unaffected, if to take in calculation than among 82.000 osetian peoples, the large majority (80%) are russian citizen.



It is other discution if response of russian autorities was the most indicated or not. Disquieting is, in this moment absence of reaction the european’s staff (exactly, slow level of reaction). Especially, those country’s staff who suppoted unconditionally of president (now, premier) Vladimir Putin. The speculations media on thing than it owe “holiday’s period” can’t be accept, in conditions that, considering instauration Martial Law by georgian president Saakashvili, it means than at European Union’s borders is getting a real war. A serious conflict that extend with each hour. President Bush call the two president, russian and georgian, and manifest his intentions to help with the return to the task of finding a political-diplomatic settlement. President Medvedev told “the only way out of the tragic crisis initiated by the Georgian leadership in Tbilisi is the withdrawal of its armed forces from the conflict zone, the return to the process of peace agreements and, most importantly, the signing of a legally binding agreement abjuring the use of force” (good point, mr. Medvedev !). But, unfortunately …Even if Russia is talking appropriate military and political measures to stop violence in South Ossetia, the reality on the spot is run counter to excellent speach of Medvedev. There is a real war unfolding that affect thousand innocent civilians. More…in Vladikavkaz, premier Vladimir Putin declared “Georgia had committed a crime against its own people and delivered a strike on its own territorial integrity”. If in first part of his declaration, premier Putin are right, in second the things are, at least, doubtful…Don’t forget than, until will have an other statut, juridical Osetia (North, South), Abhazia are part of sovereign and independent country, Georgia. Taking into account the georgian mentality, this attitude isn’t very constructive. On the contrary…

Tonight represents of Rusia, Georgia, European Union, North Atlantic Aliance, OSCE and USA will reunir for try to find a solution. Retoric question: Will meet half way ? I doubt. But don’t anticipate…



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