Medvedev and nightmare of the russian’ business

Medvedev and nightmare of the russian’ business

During a meeting with the investors of small and medium companies, the Russian president, Dmitri Medvedev, has recently had a discourse immediately categorized by the international media as “Attack on Putin”. There is though way too much of a distance between the remark of “Forbes” Magazine that president Medvedev has not been seen accompanied by Premier Putin lately and what a New-York magazine printed as “the honeymoon of the two is pretty much over”. I would rather say that the young tsar did that statement being given the so debated context of the fight against corruption, as it was announced as the main objective during his coronation in Kremlin; there are no signs of change so far, by the way (which makes us to believe in the necessity of a more intransigent attitude at least on the discourse level). A slight “amendment” should be added: not only that Medvedev has not been seen accompanied by his mentor (even at the recent funerals of Soljenitin the two came in separately), he has just not been visible, except for, maybe, the G8 Summit. Thus president’s statement at Gagarin-Smolensk might be seen as a signal addressed to the “siloviki” around Putin, but it could be as well just an image strategy.


P.S. Concerning Osetia issue now… despite my hopes in a different attitude of President Medvedev, I have had today a «deja vú» of another August. Premier: the same. Except for the location was different: Ceceny. More on that subject I’ll write later.




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